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Atarah Endorses the Prodigy Flute by Jupiter

Atarah Playing the Prodigy Flute

Atarah Playing the Prodigy Flute

Having written in my books that a flute was designed for a fully grown adult, the flute was a REVELATION AND A REVOLUTION for today’s generation who all start much younger than in the past.

I am delighted to endorse Jupiter’s Prodigy Flute as a flute especially recommended for young children learning the flute.


Description of the Prodigy Flute

“The Prodigy’s design is the result of a complete evaluation of a standard flute’s components with the goal to encourage early learning and to help the younger player progress faster. Flutes with curved headjoints were the first step. However, they remain full size in fingering, as body and key design went unchanged.

“Unlike violin designs, which were scaled down to half size and smaller to encourage early learning, flute mechanisms seen on instruments played by three year olds are essentially the same as those played by adults. The Prodigy model 313S is a breakthrough in functional design for teaching flute to the very young and those with smaller hands.”

Prodigy Flute

Prodigy Flute

“The range is to low D. The D# key is on the body section, eliminating the need for the footjoint. Trill keys are also eliminated. This reduces the overall weight to 12oz (340g), 20% less than a standard model flute with curved headjoint. This also shortens overall length and improves balance for the small player.

The main features of the Prodigy Flute are:

  • Ideal for small children
  • Curved head only
  • Body & Foot (integral) silver plate
  • Covered hole
  • Offset finger buttons
  • Range to D
  • The Prodigy Flute

    The Prodigy Flute

    For further details about the Prodigy Flute contact you nearest Korg (UK Ltd) dealer or see the website.