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A Quiet Moment and No Flutes

A quiet moment between Atarah and Sir James Galway at the Chateau de sanse.

Jimmy & Atarah

Jimmy & Atarah

Located amongst the rolling valleys of the Dordogne.

Atarah and guests on stage in a Children’s Concert

Atarah and guests on stage in a Children’s Concert at the Barbican in London.

Me and the orchestra!
Atarah Barbican London

Swan Lake Dancers
Dancing to Swanlake

Atarah & Alex Prior
Atarah & Alex Prior

The Dancers
The Dancers

  • Flute Course – Atarah’s Advanced Adventure no 5

    Flute Course – Atarah’s Advanced Adventure no 5

    Venue: France 2 Le Bos, Gensac, Juillac, 33890 Atarah’s house/flute museum
    Dates: May 2nd – 6th 2007
    Course Organiser & Tutor: Atarah Ben-Tovim MBE Hon Doc
    Course Details: Atarah’s ONLY intensive course for Post Diploma Players ONLY with limited numbers. Detailed solo and flute chamber music, flute finesse, pianist. Great food at home and local restaurants, unlimited wine, swimming pool, 2 miles from the Dordogne, And ATARAH!
    Travel Information: Flights from Stanstead, Southampton, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, and Exeter East Midlands – wow! Also flights from everywhere to Bordeaux airport.
    Pickup possible from Bergerac Airport
    Course Price: €600 inclusive accommodation and pianist, but not travel
    Contact: Atarah 00 33 55 7 47 44 28 or email

    Atarah’s Advanced Flute Course N° 6

    Atarah’s Advanced Flute Course N° 6


    Venue:Courses in Southwest France for adult flute-players
    Dates:May 7th – 11th 2008
    Course Director: Atarah Ben-Tovim MBE
    Course Details:Atarah Ben-Tovim, MBE, Hon DMus, invites flautists to her beautiful converted farmhouse and flute museum near Bergerac airport and only two kilometres from River Dordogne.

    Intensive personal coaching from Atarah for a small number of Diploma-level and post-Diploma adults. Detailed work on solos with piano accompaniment, concertos with flute orchestra accompaniment, finesse and flute chamber music. Optional culture/historical tour with Atarah’s author husband.

    Course fee: 590 euros per person, including all meals and transport from Bergerac airport or local railway station. Budget flights bookable to Bergerac from Stansted, Southampton, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Exeter and East Midlands.

    Shared free accommodation in-house or choice of local hotels to suit all budgets, if preferred.

    Great food at home and local restaurants. Unlimited wine! Heated pool. Local markets.

    France 2 Le Bos, Gensac, Juillac, 33890 Atarah’s house and flute museum Atarah 00 33 55 7 47 44 28 or email Atarah

    Alex Prior conducts Atarah’s Childrens Classic Concert “From Russia with Music”

    15 year old Alex Prior conducts Atarah’s Childrens Classic Concert From Russia with Music at the Barbican April 6th 4pm.

    Talent: Alexander Prior is studying in St Petersburg because he is too advanced for British music schools

    Alex Prior Independent 6th February 2008

    Spotlight: Alex at a Childrens’ Classic Concert at the Barbican

    Child prodigy Alexander Prior conducted the official world premiere of his ballet, Mowgli, at the Kremlin Februrary 3rd

    Alex, formerly of St John’s Wood, has been training in Russia since his family were unable to find a British school to channel his precocious talent.His ballet composition – based on Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book was first performed last year to a private audience of invited guests in Moscow. 6,500 people watched him conduct the official launch at the Kremlin. Special guests included the head of the British Council and the Russian foreign affairs minister .

    Alex’s father, Peter, a renewable energy consultant and Russian mother, Elena, a former actress, arranged for their son to have piano lessons from the age of three. He showed talent even at that age but was soon deemed too advanced for the Royal College of Music Saturday morning teaching or for the renowned Purcell School.He and his mother eventually moved part -time to her home country where he is studying composition and conducting at the St Petersburg Conservatory. He is one of its youngest students in a century and has been achieving straight A’s in his exams.In addition to Mowgli, he has also conducted the State Symphony Orchestra of St Petersburg in a performance of his own String Symphony No 1 and given another concert of his own compositions in Tallinn, Estonia.He has written more than 40 works, including symphonies, two ballets, two operas and a requiem.

    For more information on Alex look at or Youtube alex prior jungle book Mowgli

    For further details contact

    Atarah’s Wizard Workshop Concert

    Atarah’s Wizard Workshop Concert
    29 June 2008 at 4 p.m.
    The ultimate hands-on, playalong, singalong, participation concert!

    Bring an instrument of ANY shape or size to join in. Even the youngest members of the family can clap, sing,and march. Musical games and the story of The Pied Piper of Hamlin. Instrument quizzes (bring a pencil!).

    Young guest stars demonstrating their specialities. Prizes for the best costumes – wizards, witches or fairies. And DIY instrument-making, face-painting and a steel band in the foyer!

    Box Office 020 7638 8891
    Reduced booking fee online at