I feel spiritually and flute-ually nourished!

Dear Atarah,

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for everything. The weekend was FANTASTIC and I feel spiritually and ‘flute-ually nourished’. Such lovely people too – I felt there was a real connection and everyone was so motivated to play and try out silly ideas like we did with our quartett – changing parts each bar!!! We (Emily, Lynne, Niall and I) were even wondering if it’s possible to play quartetts by skype – on the computer – from all our different places!! There might be an echo. Maybe I’ll try duets first with Emily by computer!! I keep getting flashbacks of different moments – it was just so great and your enthusiasm is so contagious. It’s like having a big meal and digesting it in little bits over a long time. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A tres bientot.



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