Nick Andre Chris Thomas & Atarah

What’s better than 4 fluatists?


5!!!! Bliss.


  • By Alison (Thompson - aka scaredy-puss!), 2007/05/19 @ 6:52 pm

    Wish I’d been there! You tempt me…!

  • By sandy, 2007/05/25 @ 7:05 pm

    Those two boys on either end are very good looking Atarah!

    Hope you are well, love Sandyxx

  • By Sandra McCartney, 2007/07/04 @ 9:00 pm

    My daughterJulie is 33years old,a couple of days ago we were descussing good times she had as a child.” The best day I ever had was when the school(primary) took us to the Town Hall (in AYR in South West Scotland ) to see Atarah and her band. She came out and talked to us as we waited to go inside. She came up to me and asked me my name and showed me some of the instruments which would be played during the concert” I hope you are still inspiring children and that you may do so for a long time to come.
    Sandra McCartney

  • By admin, 2007/07/04 @ 9:09 pm

    Thank you for your comment Sandra.

    It’s wonderful when people take the time from their busy schedules to say wonderful things like you have done, it makes all the hard work seem worth it. I’m glad your daughter enjoyed her day and yes I’m still going strong, perhaps slightly slower. I still enjoy the thrill of trying to inspire people to get involved in music, whatever, their ability.

    Thank you Sandra. A

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