Thanks to Flute Teacher Liz Hargest

Flute teacher Liz Hargest was kind enough to send the following via email.

Flute Pie Trip to France

Flute Pie Trip to France

Helen, myself and 10 young flute players from Flute Pie, along with their family members, took a trip to Atarah Ben Tovim’s house in Gensac, France, to experience the French culture and gain some expert ensemble coaching.

We had 3 days of music making, fun and good food. The children performed together for several hours each day, being coached in listening carefully to the tuning of each part and each instrument, sight reading at speed, counting bars and rests, listening to which part needed to play out as solos and when to take a supporting role as an accompanying part.

The children had the opportunity to try the Bass flute. 10 year old Katie was a natural!.

On the evening of 1st June we all ate out together at the Café de la Paix, one of Atarah’s favourite restaurants. After the meal the children performed several of their pieces to the waiters who really showed their appreciation.

On the following day the children met with many of Atarah’s French students and had a morning of big band music while the older children performed quartets. Then the children gave a concert performing solos to each other. The day finished with a fun alternative concert where the children had to perform their skills, but not on the flute.

On the last morning each child received an individual lesson with Atarah. She encouraged and praised each child and gave them a short list of reminders on how they could improve their own playing.

After lunch each afternoon our oldest student Lilli gave the children an Art class and there was also the opportunity to swim in Atarah’s pool. The parents mainly occupied themselves but on the afternoon of 1st June Atarah’s husband gave them a tour of the local area and explained some of the history of the area.
The Children returned from the trip full of enthusiasm to practise hard.

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