Fantastic Flute Course Comments

It’s always good to get emails, so I’ll start posting some of them.

…Wow, what a wonderful few days! Everyone came back on a high. They all enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you for making it so fantastic – somehow you manage to find the right way to get through to each person and teach on the level that they respond to – you make each one feel special and that they matter. They loved the music (and how amazing that you found group pieces that challenged and pleased everyone); they loved the food (thanks also to Jenny for her contribution); they loved the culture (thank you Douglas!) and they loved the laid-back feeling of your house…

Fantastic Flute Course Comments

Fantastic Flute Course Comments

…Thank you again for organising our trip to Atarah’s. I’m so pleased we all managed to get there after the first disappointing postponement and all the last minute French chaos. It was a real experience – and so much more fun than any previous flute course I’ve done. Nicely paced for those of us who are quite unable to play all day long, and very encouraging as regards ensemble playing, even though I feel the personal goals of learning how to breathe (and getting fatter!) may be difficult to achieve…

…Thank you again for organizing such a special and unique experience. It was really rewarding and fun….

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  • By richard keane, 2010/10/28 @ 3:13 pm

    i would like to contact atarah if possible.

    atarah , i played bass for your stage band for a short season of gigs about 13 years ago!!! whilst a student at the mabel fletcher music college in liverpool , and later i was happy to play in a great educational group you step son , richard boyd put together ,

    i foten see your various musical events , and i am am always delighted that you are still presenting music to young adults with so much passion and making music accessable ,my shot time with your band , was a delightfull time , but also for me a little daunting , but you and your team were very very supportive ,i have mecome after playing in bands and many different light music situation , found my self teching double bass and bass guitar in a progressive scottish music council , at a fife regional council .

    if at all possible could you pass my contact details on to richard junior , we both started our musical journey at the mabel fletche collge in liverpool , and i was greatly assisted by john harper and his many talented staff.

    hope this meets you in good health and enjoying life .

    best regards

    a big fan,thank you for keeping the education of pupils a enjoyable experiance.

    richard keane.

    tel 01383 223324. scotland.

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