Teachers & Pupils Flute Courses

Bring any number of your pupils of any level and at any time of the year for a weekend, or longer, for an inspirational few days.

Fluatists jumping for joy

The Teachers & Pupils Flute Courses are now in the fourth year and proving very successful for motivating pupils for the rest of the year!

For two or more days, there is no better way of inspiring your pupils for the year.

Atarah has been teaching students of all levels from 8-18 for over 30 years, including Hindhead, and Bloxham summer courses. As the Associated Board Rep for France, she is a specialist in improving exam marks, and has an original approach to teaching Practical Musicianship instead of theory exams.

She covers:

  • Technique
  • Musicality
  • exam skills
  • and gives each student individual lessons
  • Along with:

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • French culture & conversation
  • Contact with French pupils fills every moment of the day
  • Set and with a heated pool,

    Swiming Pool

    Swiming Pool

    a chance to busk at a market or restaurants and great food, its work and fun combined.


    Atarah has one of the world’s largest collections of flute ensemble music for all levels, and 1200 flute figures to look at! other woodwind friends on clarinet, sax, oboe, recorder also invited “!

    Accommodation for up to 16 children. Teachers bringing students get free accommodation.

    For further information atarahflute@wanadoo.fr or call 0033557474428

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