Atarah’s Advanced Flute Course No.9 – France

Music making at Atarah's house

A flute retreat with fabulous food and music. Atarah’s Advanced Flute Course No.9 is a French wallow in food and music for Diploma and Post Diploma adults at Atarah’s house in the Dordogne.

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For over 20 years Atarah has been running flute courses for adults, both at Bloxham Conspiracy (The Bloxham Conspiracies) and in her own house in France with great success. She is always creative and original in her choice of repertoire for flute ensembles and orchestra, and has one of the world’s largest collection of flute orchestra material.

This year in addition to wonderful classical ensemble music there is a pianist and singer to add interest.

Teachers very welcome as teaching problems are usually one of the main topics of conversation.

Atarah’s husband (author) Douglas Boyd is there for French history culture trips!

Date: May 4th-8th 2011
Venue: Dordogne
Accommodation: Heated pool, lovely country walks, simple accommodation.

This course is food for body mind and soul!

For further information or call 0033557474428

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