Time to think at Atarah’s Advanced Course

Atarah workshops January

Atarah workshops January

Dear Atarah, thank you for a brilliant course. Everything was perfect – your teaching was as valuable and original as ever, the music was amazing, and I loved playing the alto flute, which I never dared to before, I always thought I’d hold the group up. The food was out of this world; and you gave 150% of yourself, as you always do. I loved meeting your pupils, young and old. And we were very grateful to your neighbour for driving us to Bergerac. What a thoroughly nice woman. She said you had done so much for them, she was pleased to be able to do that for you. Please thank Douglas too, for picking us up from the airport and for making that delicious chicken soup and the salads and such good conversation.

Atarah's Advanced Flute Course

Atarah's Advanced Flute Course

Marianne and I got back to London with only a slight hitch: I left my flute in the Ladies at the airport, the other side of customs. I realised as we were walking to the station and rushed back. A kind man escorted me to the loos, where there were three security officers looking suspiciously at it. They thought it was some kind of an explosive device. I just got there in time.

Hope you’re having a well-deserved rest. I am very much enjoying the Zoe Heller and think you will probably like it too (I bought three copies, one for me, one for you, one for my daughter-in-law).

Much love


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