A Poem for Flautists

A poem for flautists by Helen Chamberlain

Dear Fellow Musicians,

What a fantastic time we had with the Amazing Atarah!
Here is a poem to encapsulate my thoughts…..

To Atarah

Suddenly my world changes……..

A glint of sun shimmers on that great silent silver expanse of water
A continuous flow pushing forward
Following through like air escaping from my lungs creating phrase after phrase
Aiming for perfection
I anticipate
The great masters, Mozart-Bach-Purcell-Elgar
Nothing disappoints.

We Arrive

Atarah – the welcome so warm and encompassing
Atarah – shaping us into what we want to become,
To attain what this great master has attained,
Hours of study, detail of finger, breath….life’s energy…brain and body working as one…intelligent …enriching… sensual.

Inspiring and Uplifting
A moment in time
Life has been encapsulated by this
Great Art…made for all…
A fellowship of the human spirit – forged together allowing discourse and reflection

I’ll always remember
I will never forget.

HC 15th May 2008

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