Dance of the Mot Mots

What’s a Mot Mot?


Er well this is the dance of the Mot Mots!

And a letter from a real “Mot Moter ……”

For The Attention of Atarah Ben-Tovin
Hi! I’m Stephanie Martin and I recently played ‘The Dancing Motmot’ in your ‘Children’s Beastly Concert’ at the Barbican with Flute Pie from Ely. It was the first time I had ever played to such a large audience. We had to learn the music off by heart and I was really worried about forgetting what I was playing, but in the end I didn’t, and I really enjoyed it. It was great fun being able to take part in the other songs like ‘Doh a Deer’ and ‘The Bumblebee’. My favourite part was the telling of ‘Peter and the Wolf’ – the dancers were amazing! Atarah you were a fantastic host and made everyone feel very comfortable. Thank you for inviting us to take part, I think I speak for everyone when I say we all had a really good time, and we look forwards to working with you again
sometime in the future.

Best Wishes Stephanie Martin

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  • By charlotte, 2009/11/15 @ 2:21 pm

    Hi Atarah!
    I was in this performance, and in that picture! I am the one in the turquoise top, with the pink and purple mask. I can remember planning this for ages, and om about 2 days before the performance, I can remember you saying that you wanted us all to wear feathers! Playing alongside you at the Barbican was great!

    Best wishes,
    Charlotte x

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